Dairy Lunch

We are proud to announce that Jerusalem Restaurant in Livingston will be providing dairy lunches on Mondays and Tuesdays.

In 1974, under the supervision of Rabbi Pinchas Teitz, New Jerseys first kosher pizza establishment was opened in Elizabeth. Now after 33 years of serving the public, Sarah and Arie Jashinksy have expanded their menu selections to provide to you extensive choices in fresh healthy & tasty meals. Recipes are made with no artificial ingredients and are sure to please.

 Jerusalem Restaurant is under the strict rabbinical supervision of The Vaad HaRabonim of MetroWest.  CLICK HERE for a copy of their Kashrut cerificate.

Meat Lunch

takeabreakWe are proud to announce that GBDS will continue to use Take a Break Catering, led by chef Yoni Jay Siletski for our meat lunch program. His Glatt Kosher certification is under the strict rabbinical supervision of The Vaad of MetroWest. All of the food that Yoni prepares is made from scratch fresh with a perfect balance of high quality protein, fruits and vegetables. All meals include a meat entree, grain or starch, fresh vegetable, fruit salad, and garden salad. The rotating menu includes, but is certainly not limited to, favorites like grilled chicken, beef or chicken tacos, meatloaf, sweet and sour chicken, and hamburgers. Meat lunches will be served Wednesday through Friday.

Yoni is also a certified to prepare food for allergen sensitive children. For the first time we now can serve children who are allergic to eggs and gluten! There is a small, additional charge for this option. Please contact Sheila Barbach at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if you are interested in this option.

Now is your opportunity to enroll your child(ren) into our hot lunch program.

You can order lunch for one month or 3 months at a time by going to the PTO menu and then selecting PTO Lunch Program.




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