On June 6th, the Sixth Grade traveled back in time to see some of the wonders of ancient Egypt first-hand. Our journey took us to the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City. We were well prepared for all the amazing artifacts that we would see.

The students had learned the meanings of many important hieroglyphic symbols, and walking in the footsteps of Jean Champollion, we actually deciphered some of the writing on Egyptian statues and wall paintings from thousands of years ago! We had read the book "How the Sphinx Got to the Museum", which told the story of how one particular sphinx of the pharaoh Hatshepsut made the journey to the Met (see photo below).

The class, with the expert guidance of Mrs. Jaffe, sketched many figures and motifs from the tomb paintings of ancient Egypt. They also were able to get a glimpse into daily life, as they sketched artifacts depicting various "rooms" modeled to depict, among others, a typical slaughter house and brewery . You are invited to see some of the students' masterpieces, hanging proudly on the bulletin board as you climb the stairs to the second floor of GBDS...

Seeing the mummies and other treasures made everything come alive for the class and definitely was the culminating high point to our study of this remarkable civilization!


Click here to view pictures from the trip.


Mrs. Glassberg
Social Studies Teacher