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GBDS sixth graders have been studying Geometry with Mrs. Bloomberg. Geometry, the branch of mathematics that studies the properties, measurement, and relationships of points, lines, angles, surfaces, and solids, involves learning numerous terms. These enable one to classify shapes, and investigate congruence, similarity, symmetry, and transformations. In order to solidify those terms in the student's memory, each was asked to write their name in block letters and then creatively label any angles, lines or other terms displayed in their name drawing. The results can be seen displayed on the bulletin board in the Middle School hallway.

The GBDS seventh graders, working with Mrs. Bloomberg, have mixed art with their math studies. They are studying Linear Functions and Graphing, learning how to identify and graph linear functions by first plotting points on a graph and then finding that line's slope and its y-intercept. Students then write rules for linear functions from words and from tables. Each student was given a pennant with a challenging problem written on it. After completed their work and having the solution checked for accuracy, they creatively decorated their pennant. Their efforts are also on display in the Middle School hallway, where you can see their great job using their math skills along with their artistic talents!

By Mrs. Bloomberg
Math Teacher and Coordinator