GBDS alum, Oren Levi, visited the 4th grade on December 24th. His visit enriched the fourth grade science unit on energy conversions and electromagnetism. Mr. Levi teaches Physics at Glen Rock  High School. His demonstrations using a Wimhurst generator and Faraday coils helped the students gain a better understanding of electromagnetism. The students were fascinated by the Wimhurst generator which is a machine that generates and stores electric current. Mr. Levi then guided the students through an experiment that recreated Michael Faraday's law of induction which states that rotating a magnet inside a coil of wire can create an electrical current. The fourth grade students are now applying this knowledge to their studies of how electric currents are generated in a power plant.


By Mrs. Barbach
Academies Coordinator

In science, the third graders are continuing their weather studies. After learning about the Celsius and Fahrenheit degree scales for measuring temperature, the students were excited to make their own thermometers! Using recycled bottles, straws, play-dough, and a solution of alcohol, food coloring, and water, they made thermometers which really worked! By placing them on the classroom's windowsill, we were able to see the temperature changing throughout the day. Each school day we track the daily high temperature in Oakland on a large line graph hung on the wall. As you can imagine, the graph has shown some unusual temperature spikes during December!


By Mrs. Greenwald
Third and Fourth Grade Teacher

The school choir performed for the residents of The Allendale Community for Senior Living, last Monday. We sang 'Somewhere Over the Rainbow' and some Chanukah songs, and finished with 'Walking Home' by Pete Seeger.  The residents really enjoyed the show, and afterwards the students spent a few minutes talking to them. We also presented the residents with blankets made by the early childhood students at their Thanksgiving celebration . This is our 5th visit to the community to entertain them and we were invited back again in the spring.  Thank you, also, to our parent drivers!

By: Morah Dassi and Mrs. Greenwald
choir  chior 3  choir 2

Second graders in Ms. Merker's class have been learning all about the states and properties of matter in science! The students were full of excitement when they discovered that they would be conducting a lab experiment using dry ice to demonstrate that gases have mass and take the shape of their container! The second graders were amazed to find out that dry ice is not even composed of a liquid; it is frozen carbon dioxide! The joy and excitement shown on the children's faces lit up the room when they saw how dry ice bubbles and sizzles when it touches water or metal, because even cold water is warmer than the -44 degree Fahrenheit dry ice chips! The lab demonstration concluded with the children being able to feel the carbon dioxide gas that was emitted from the dry ice chips like a cloud of smoke! It was a truly "cool" afternoon in science!

By: Marissa Merker

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The first graders in Morah Hana's class were thrilled when Mr. Smolen popped into their classroom star as the featured character, "Mr. Balloon", in the lesson from their new Ariot book. With his assistance they learned about the Hebrew words for colors and verbs. Dressed in character, Mr. Smolen passed out balloons to the students, each one varying uniquely in shape and color. The children took their new knowledge of colors and verbs and applied it to their studies by the writing sentences in Hebrew describing their balloon. Mr. Smolen's surprise visit was quite a treat!


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