Each week, in third grade, three students research and present a current events report. We have finished our first cycle of presentations, and are midway through the second cycle. The first round was very interesting and the students who presented and their audience certainly learned a lot.

Here are the subjects of their presentations:

Ariel - a local teen chef, who was on 'Chopped'

Aubrey - a restaurant which serves free humous to Arabs and Israelis who sit together

Zohar - solar powered cars

Brandon - dogs rescued from Egypt and brought to the US

Gavin - the GWB toll hike

Sam - a shipwreck found on the Jersey Shore

Emmanuel - creating a robot icon for Star Wars

Emily - Habitat for Humanity

Matthew - a robot being used to investigate a suspicious package

Brielle - a Holocaust survivor teacher

Eitan - the disappearance of the Marshall Islands due to global warming

Some of the students added some extra interest to their presentations. For example, Ariel's article was about the chef making a pie, so she brought pie. Aubrey's article was about hummus, so she brought in pita and hummus for the class. Eitan made a model of the Marshall Islands and poured water over it to demonstrate how the islands were disappearing. The students look forward to their classmates' presentations each week.

By Mrs. Greenwald

The fourth graders have just finished reading our class novel, Lunch Money. This novel, by Andrew Clements, tells the story of Greg who designs and makes a comic, which he then sells at school. The fourth grade students worked together to write a summary of the book. Writing a summary is an important skill, as the writer has to decide which information to include. Here is our collaborative effort:

Greg Kenton sees his school in a totally different way than other kids. His end in mind is to become rich, and everything he does revolves around making money. Maura Shaw, Greg's enemy, has been in in competition with him since kindergarten. However, when Greg and Maura work together to make comic books, they discover that friendship is also important. They also find out that they have bigger enemy than each other. With the help of a teacher, they save their business.

The book has led to some really interesting discussions and debates in class, including:

  • how businesses work - profits and percentages
  • ethics - making money vs providing a service
  • competition
  • paradigm shifts in the main characters
  • making a plan and sticking to it
  • being proactive and speaking up for what you believe in
  • sales, marketing, and target audiences
  • friendship

For their next independent reading book the students will each read another book by Andrew Clements. He has written books for children of all ages. We HIGHLY recommend his books, so if you haven't read one, you should!

By Mrs. Greenwald

Second and third graders joined together to celebrate Tu B'Shevat last week. The classes listened to a story about fruits and made puppets to help them act out the story. The students thoroughly enjoyed this hands-on learning activity and the chance it provided to learn together with their peers.
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By Morah Zina

Our third grade mathematicians took part in an exciting interactive math lesson with Mrs. Bloomberg. We pushed back the desks and the classroom floor became our work area. Using yard-long strips, the students figured out how to make a variety of rectangles, each with a different area but all with the same perimeter. A lot of cooperation and synergy was involved in this experience!

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Mrs. Greenwald

Using the program of Ariot, we reviewed the letter tet (Tt) by reading the story “Oh, Oh the Toast, the Toast.” The story is about a busy chef who burns toast every time he puts it in the toaster until he makes a good piece. Kitah Aleph invited a chef (Rabbi Traiger) and the Kindergarten class to join us as we had delicious toast and played Hebrew games on the SMARTboard. Kitah Aleph also read the story to the Kindergartners and we all enjoyed our time together.

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By Morah Hana

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