The First Grade is learning about light and sound.  The unit is a collaboration led by Mrs. Sava, with contributions from Mrs. Glassberg in Social Studies and Mrs. Barbach in Science.  The students compared life “long ago” to the present day. Vocabulary focused on the word “invention” and the students brainstormed WHY someone would be driven to invent. They quickly realized the impact of the inventor Thomas Edison, as he tried and tried to design a way to illuminate the darkness!  The students were able to examine artifacts such as an incandescent light bulb from the early 1900s. Two investigations in the science lab showed students the difference between transparent, translucent, and opaque surfaces. In addition, a lesson on light bulb technology included building circuits that powered a small light bulb. 
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By Mrs. Barbach, Mrs. Glassberg and Mrs. Sava

The second graders in Ms. Merker's class learned about the parts of a microscope during science class. After labeling the parts in a picture of a light microscope, they joined Mrs. Barbach in the science lab and had hands-on practice exploring the microscope. The second graders are excited to learn more about using a microscope and creating and viewing slides in the coming weeks.


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By Ms. Merker
Second Grade Teacher

thank you mr falker

The third graders are completing their study of author Patrica Polacco. Each student has read a few of her books, either at home or in class. Reading her books taught the students about literary devices, or what we call "author craft." These "tools" which authors and writers use to make their writing wonderful include alliteration, metaphor, simile, onomatopoeia, personification, and idiom. The third graders were amazed to discover that Polacco struggled in school and didn't learn to read until she was 14 years old. Her first book was published at the age of 41, since then she has written and illustrated over 50 books. If you haven't read any of her books, you should! Many of them are semi-autobiographical and have Jewish themes. The class' favorite book is "Thank you, Mr. Falker." Read it! You might cry at the end, but you'll love it!


By Mrs. Greenwald
Third and Fourth Grade Teacher


As a part of our continued Purim celebration, first grade decorated special Israeli masks with words and sentences relating to the holiday.  We then marched through each classroom singing "Meeshe nechnas Adar Marbim Beseemcha" which means "when the month of Adar is here we increase our happiness!"
By Hana Cohen
First Grade
Second graders have been studying the classification of animals within their science unit. To connect this area with reading and writing, students used their knowledge of nonfiction text features to navigate through books about their chosen animals. While reading, students gathered important information about their animals,including animals' characteristics, habitat, offspring, and adaptations. Once they gathered these facts, each student created a written piece showcasing their ability to write in the informational writing style. 

Come to second grade to learn about different animals and read what each child published!
By Ms. Merker
Second Grade Teacher
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